Model Laying on Floor in White Bra and Panties

When men and women in the Omaha area visit Dr. Ayoub to find out more regarding an abdominoplasty, one of the things they often ask is how they are supposed to sleep after their procedure. After all, one would assume that there are restrictions for avoiding the abdominal area after such a major surgery. And this is true! After you…

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Hand Pointing to Pudgy Belly in Jeans

Men and women all over Omaha spend time taking care of their bodies. They eat right and exercise regularly to shed or keep off the weight. So why is it that so many active, healthy people have to deal with stubborn areas of fat on their bodies that just won’t go away? Unfortunately, our bodies don’t have little buttons we…

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Middle Aged Female Wearing Sunhat and Aviator Glasses

If you live in the Omaha area and have been dealing with stubborn fatty deposits in problem areas that just don’t seem to go away no matter how much you diet or exercise, we’ve got some information you’re going to want to hear. Westfield Plastic Surgery Center and Dr. Ayoub can help you get rid of that extra fat for…

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Model in White Dress Standing Next to Bike

There are many patients who live a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise, but they still have trouble losing fat in certain areas of their body. Because no one can dictate exactly where their body should lose weight, achieving the ideal body shape is difficult for many men and women. But if you’re on the cusp of having the look…

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Sexy Tanned Model on a Bed of Rocks

When people in Omaha visit Westfield Plastic Surgery Center to consult with Dr. Ayoub about having an abdominoplasty, they’re often concerned about what the recovery will be like. More specifically, they want to know if they will experience swelling in their abdomen after their tummy tuck. And that’s completely understandable. After all, people don’t necessarily want to leave the operating…

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Right Side of Female's Smooth Chin and Cheek

It’s the sad truth – we all get acne at some point in our lives, but for some men and women in Omaha, the scars that acne leaves behind can do a number on their self-confidence. Luckily, Dr. Ayoub of Westfield Plastic Surgery Center has taken aim at acne scars by investing in the MiXto Fractional CO2 Laser. If you’ve…

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Older Blond Model Posing in White Bathing Suit

Every year hundreds of men and women in Omaha decide they are done dealing with the loose or sagging skin around their abdomen, so they visit with Dr. Ayoub to discuss their options for getting rid of it. Having served the area for over 20 years, Dr. Ayoub and his staff are known as one of the best practices to…

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Red Head Model with Smooth Facial Skin

For patients of Dr. Ayoub who are unsatisfied with their appearance, particularly in their face, there is often a question that just won’t stop rolling around their heads, “How can I improve my skin without going under the knife?” For many, plastic surgery isn’t an option, either for personal or medical reasons. If you are an Omaha resident who has…

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Model's Face with No Wrinkles

Every year, Dr. Ayoub and his team see hundreds of Omaha men and women who want to improve their looks but don’t want to go under the knife. Injectable fillers are a great, non-surgical way to give you a rested, more youthful appearance. One thing Dr. Ayoub wants his Omaha patients to know is that they may experience some swelling…

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Model Resting on Bed in Tank Top and Jeans

When men and women realize that their protruding abdomen doesn’t seem to respond to any specialty exercise or workout routine, they should definitely consider visiting Dr. Ayoub of Westfield Plastic Surgery Center for an abdominoplasty consultation. If you’re struggling with the appearance of your abdomen, particularly that bulge you see in the mirror, there could be several causes of it,…

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