Breast Lift Before & Afters

The photo gallery below shows the life-changing results of Dr. Ayoub’s patients before and after their breast lift procedure.

Note: Not everyone who undergoes these procedures will achieve these same results. All patients have given their consent to have their photos displayed in these galleries.

Patient A

Bilateral Breast Lift with Implant Exchange and Bilateral Capsulectomies with 400cc HP implants

Patient B

Breast Augmentation | 750cc HP
Before & After -- Patient's front, angled, and side view

Patient C

Breast Lift and Augmentation with 00cc HP silicone gel implants
29-year-old patient

Patient D

Breast Lift and Augmentation with 700cc HP silicone gel implants
40-year-old patient

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Words From Our Patients


“My experience with Dr. Ayoub has been nothing but extraordinary and I highly recommend Dr. Ayoub for anyone that wants a doctor that truly cares for his patients!”
– Cally S.
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Patient E

Before & After -- Patient A, Front and Side Views

44 year old female, with breast aug and breast lift with 400cc implant

Patient F

Before & After -- Patient C, Front View

33 year old female with breast augmentation with periareolar lift, 600cc implants, 6 weeks post op

Patient G

Before & After -- Patient C, Front View

31 year old female with periareolar breast lift and 160cc implants.

Patient H

Before & After -- Patient D, Front and Side Views

37 year old female, breast lift, 8 weeks post op.

Patient I

Before & After -- Patient E, Front and Side Views

59 year old female, with breast augmentation with lift, 250cc implant

Patient J

Before & After -- Patient F, Front and Side Views

54 years old female, with removal of breast implants and breast lift

Patient K

Before & After -- Patient G, Front and Side Views

22 year old breast lift patient 6 weeks post op

Patient L

Before & After -- Patient H, Front and Side Views

60 year old breast lift with 250 cc breast implants, 6 weeks post op

Patient M

Before & After -- Patient I, Front View.

Breast lift and augmentation with 465cc silicone gel implants. Patient is 6 weeks post-op.

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