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  1. The Key Benefits of Brow Lift Surgery
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  3. When Should I Get a Brow Lift?
  4. Brow Lift Technique Options
  5. How Do You Decide the Ideal Approach for a Brow Lift?
  6. What is the Cost of  A Brow Lift?
  7. Brow Lift Procedure Process
  8. Recovering from Brow Lift

At Westfield Plastic Surgery Center in Omaha, NE, Dr. Ayoub works closely with each of his brow lift patients to help them achieve the rejuvenated appearance they have been looking for. A brow lift is a plastic surgery procedure that targets the upper one-third of the face—from the eyes to the forehead. Many people refer to a brow lift as a forehead lift, as this procedure provides drastic improvement to the appearance of the forehead. However, in reality, a brow lift is used to restore the normal, higher position of the brows, which recreates the natural arch and shape of a more youthful appearance.

The Key Benefits of Brow Lift Surgery

A brow lift offers Omaha patients many key benefits, including:

  • Improves sagging skin around the forehead and brows
  • Corrects deep lines between the brows that no longer respond to fillers
  • Erases wrinkles and horizontal lines around the forehead
  • Improves the texture of the skin on the forehead
  • Raises and repositions the brow line along the natural brow ridge
  • Provides a more youthful arch to the eyebrows
  • Improves the appearance of crow’s feet
  • Removes excess skin from the forehead
  • Restores a “happy appearance” by removing the look of a furrowed brow
  • Helps you look younger and feel more confident about your appearance

While Dr. Ayoub recommends that Omaha patients begin with non-surgical procedures such as Dysport, and fillers to restore their appearances, patients will eventually need a brow lift to maintain their youthful appearance.

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, will reduce frown lines and forehead rhytides (wrinkles). Commonly known as “11” lines, these creases are the same treated with Dysport. However, as patients grow older and these creases deepen, the effects of Dysport will not effectively treat the problem. At this point, Dr. Ayoub recommends that patients transition to a brow lift for a long-lasting* correction.

Is a Brow Lift Right for You?

Sometimes it is difficult to know which plastic surgery procedure is right for you, especially when it comes to addressing the upper portion of your face. If you have the following, a brow lift might be right for you:

  • Excess skin or hooding of your upper eyelids that reaches beyond the outer corner of your eyes
  • Eyebrows that are flat or do not have much of an arch resulting in an angry-looking appearance
  • A drooping appearance in the forehead skin, which results in sagging brows
  • Severe wrinkles on your forehead and around your brows

When you visit with Dr. Ayoub for your initial consultation, he will perform a full examination of your trouble areas, talk to you about your overall health history, listen as you explain what you hope to achieve with a brow lift, and work with you to develop a surgical treatment plan that will help you achieve your goals.

When Should I Get a Brow Lift?

The philosophy of Westfield Plastic Surgery Center is to offer Omaha patients a continuum of care that meets expectations. The majority of patients can immediately correct problem areas with non-surgical treatment until the right time for surgical intervention.*

Typically patients in their 50s and 60s are less responsive to non-surgical facial treatments than younger patients and will find a brow lift more beneficial. After the brow lift, non-surgical treatment such as fillers can be used to add facial contour and restore volume.

Brow Lift Technique Options

When you meet with Dr. Ayoub at his plastic surgery center in Omaha, NE, he will talk to you about the different brow lift technique options available, and the two of you will work together to develop a treatment plan that will suit your needs and help you achieve your goals.

Coronal Brow Lift

This type of brow lift is very popular and is commonly referred to as forehead lift. To correct the appearance of aging in the eye, Dr. Ayoub will remove excess sagging skin from the forehead and reposition underlying muscles and tissues to achieve smoother skin and more youthful eyes.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

The endoscopic brow lift is suited for those with a short forehead and strong hairline. It involves 5-7 small incisions within the scalp and behind the hairline. These small incisions allow Dr. Ayoub to insert an endoscope under the skin to move muscles or make cuts in a way that provides desirable brow lift results.

Temporal/Lateral Brow Lift

A temporal brow lift, or lateral brow lift, is a surgical technique during which both the forehead and eyebrows are altered at the same time. Specifically, the outer one-third of the eyebrow is repositioned to give the eye a more appealing appearance.

Direct Brow Lifts

This brow lift technique is generally suited for older men with thicker eyebrows that can easily hide the scarring from the procedure. It is performed by placing incisions directly above the eyebrow hairs to lift the brow. This technique is less common than more advanced options but is still effective for patients who require certain improvements to the functionality of their eyebrows.

Trichophytic Brow Lift

A trichophytic brow lift is performed by carefully pulling the skin of the forehead up toward the hairline to remove eyelid creases and improve the appearance of sagging of the brows caused by aging and the effects of gravity. Dr. Ayoub will remove some of the excess skin to achieve a smooth, younger-looking appearance.

How Do You Decide the Ideal Approach for a Brow Lift?

Any facial surgery depends on your unique proportions. For a brow lift, the determining factor is the length of your forehead and hairline. If you have a long forehead and some hair, then Dr. Ayoub will take some skin from your forehead to prevent wind tunnel face, hollowed out eyes with a long forehead and receding hairline.

Patients who have a short forehead and good hair will require an endoscopic incision with five small incisions. Older patients normally want more lift and Dr. Ayoub uses an endoscope with larger incisions for better results.

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What is the Cost of  A Brow Lift?

Every brow lift surgery is unique, and Dr. Ayoub works with each patient to create a treatment plan to suit each patient’s need. Therefore, the cost of a brow lift will vary from patient to patient and will depend on the type of brow lift surgical technique you and Dr. Ayoub choose, the facility fees at the surgical center, the anesthesia chosen for your specific needs and health history, and the prescription medication required following your procedure.

Get A Pricing Estimate

At Westfield Plastic Surgery Center, we offer the BuildMyBod pricing tool to help you get a comprehensive estimate* of the total cost of your procedure before you schedule a consultation with Dr. Ayoub. It is a great way to know what you can expect and help you prepare financially for your brow lift.

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Brow Lift Procedure Process

Your brow lift will be performed at our preferred nearby surgical center, where Dr. Ayoub performs all surgical procedures. Not only will his team be in attendance during your procedure, but a certified anesthesiologist will be there to safely administer your anesthesia as well.

During your brow lift, Dr. Ayoub will:

  • Make the required endoscopic or traditional incisions, depending on your facial anatomy and the surgical plan the two of you have agreed upon before your surgery day
  • Remove excess skin and tighten underlying muscles and tissues to create a natural and more youthful appearance to the upper one-third of your face
  • Close the incisions with sutures

Although you will be able to return home after your brow lift procedure, you must arrange for a friend or relative to pick you up from the surgical facility and stay with you for the first 24 hours after your surgery.

Recovering from Brow Lift

All brow lift procedures are done on an out-patient basis, which means you will be released to return home shortly after waking up from the effects of your anesthesia. When you wake up, you will most likely have drains left behind to help remove any fluid or blood from the treatment area to protect against excessive swelling. Dr. Ayoub will remove the drains at a follow-up exam a few days after your brow lift.

During your first week of recovery, you will experience minor discomfort, swelling, and bruising in your forehead and eyebrow areas. These symptoms will be the worst in the first few days after your brow lift but will begin to subside within 3-4 days. In some cases, Dr. Ayoub prescribes prescription pain medication to alleviate the discomfort, but most patients can manage their pain with over-the-counter pain medication such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

Dr. Ayoub recommends his patients plan to take 1-2 weeks off from normal daily activities and work to ensure a complete and healthy recovery. After this time, you can resume your normal routine; however, the scars left behind, though well-hidden, will take several months to heal.*

You’re in Good Hands with Us

Are you ready to feel like the best version of yourself? Westfield Plastic Surgery Center offers the most effective procedures to enhance your look. Through our patient rewards program, our clients receive discounts on treatments scheduled within one year of their initial treatment. For a smooth brow free of creases and wrinkles, contact our Omaha office to schedule a consultation.

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*Individual results may vary

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