10 Tips for a Faster Recovery After Liposuction

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Undergoing liposuction is an incredibly effective way to remove unwanted fat safely. When people in Omaha visit Dr. Ayoub, they always leave feeling much better about the appearance of their body. As with any surgical procedure, though, there is a recovery phase every patient goes through, and liposuction is no exception. But the good news is the process can be made much easier by following these tips.

Keep the Area Clean

Changing bandages frequently is the best way to keep the liposuction area clean. It’s tempting to wash the area with water or other products, but it’s recommended to avoid doing so unless Dr. Ayoub instructs otherwise. Keeping the area clean will prevent any type of infection from developing.

Wear Light Clothing

Every Omaha patient’s skin needs to be able to breathe as much as possible following liposuction. Clothes that fit tightly can irritate the skin and reduce the speed of the recovery. Plus, it’s important for patients to be comfortable throughout the process, and loose-fitting, light clothing helps.

Drink More Water than Normal

The body needs a significant amount of fluid to prevent dehydration following liposuction. The recommended amount of water everyone should drink on average is eight glasses per day. However, following liposuction, try to increase the average to around 10-12 glasses per day to ensure the body is properly hydrated.

Slowly Incorporate Exercise

It’s tempting for Omaha patients to lie on the couch for a couple of weeks after their liposuction procedure. While it’s important not to overdo it when it comes to exercising, incorporating some light walking will help get the blood flowing and speed up the recovery process significantly.

Wear the Compression Garment as Directed

Dr. Ayoub provides his patients with a compression garment to wear following liposuction. The purpose of it is to ensure the body is shaped properly and the body’s blood flow is regulated throughout the recovery process.

Consume Proper Nutrients

A liquid diet is common for patients in Omaha for a day or two after liposuction. After that, eating cleaner and healthier by incorporating vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients will help the body recover quickly without any problems.

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Avoid Soaking in the Bathtub

Although a nice warm bubble bath may seem like a great idea, it is not advised during liposuction recovery. Soaking in water can decrease the speed of the healing process and increase the risk of infection. Getting a gentle massage is a preferred alternative to soaking in the bathtub.

Eliminate Caffeine and Medication

Dr. Ayoub will recommend that his patients only consume water, and maybe some tea or juice occasionally throughout the recovery process. Some medication can also complicate the recovery process, so it’s important to check with Dr. Ayoub before taking any.

Take the Doctor’s Advice to Heart

Dr. Ayoub is only going to provide advice to patients in Omaha that’s in their best interest. Patients will sometimes have to temporarily change their habits, such as eating, drinking, exercising and more. The results will be worth it in the end, though, so always take Dr. Ayoub’s recommendations to heart.

Schedule Regular Follow-Up Visits

Always monitoring the liposuction area, and the body, in general, is highly recommended when at home. Follow-up visits are important to ensure the recovery process is going as smoothly as it should, and to address any complications right away. Patients should always feel comfortable telling Dr. Ayoub about anything they notice during their recovery.

At Westfield Plastic Surgery Center, we stick with our patients from the time they walk through the door for an initial consultation all the way through the recovery phase. We want our patients in Omaha to experience a quick and safe recovery and will go out of our way to help when needed.

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