How Can I Avoid the Recurrence of Fat After Liposuction?

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In case you didn’t already know, having liposuction performed on a problem area on your body doesn’t guarantee that the fatty deposit will never come back. Granted, the cosmetic procedure sucks out a limited number of fat cells forever. However, adjacent fat cells will remain in your body, and if your weight fluctuates in the future, those remaining fat cells can grow with future weight gain or shrink with future weight loss.

Dr. Ayoub of Omaha’s Westfield Plastic Surgery Center is frequently asked during liposuction consultations how to make sure that fat doesn’t come back after the procedure. The answers – which we’ll elaborate on below – are to eat a healthy diet, practice daily exercise, and hope for the best.

Eat a Healthy Diet to Prevent Future Weight Gain

While it’s true that some Omaha residents can seemingly eat anything and have a perfectly sculpted physique, for most of us, we need to eat a healthy diet to achieve and maintain our ideal weight. This is especially true for local liposuction patients who want to prevent unwanted fatty deposits from reappearing after their cosmetic procedure.

It seems like there’s always a new diet that’s “in” and claims to be “the best.” A few years ago it was the Paleo diet, then the Whole30. Today being Keto is all the rage. Whatever diet you choose, the important thing is that you pick a solution with which your body will respond.

Oftentimes, the best solution is for Dr. Ayoub’s patients to connect to a local nutritionist or dietician. By looking at your unique anatomy – as well as any medical conditions you may have or medications you may take – a nutritionist or dietitian can help you develop a personalized eating program aimed at either maintaining your current weight or losing weight in the future. He or she can even help point you to ideal websites for meal planning ideas. And of course, spending times on the weekends prepping your meals will make it easier to stick to your diet in between your normal weekday responsibilities.

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Exercise Daily to Fight Off Unwanted Fat

You’ve got to sweat and burn some calories to keep the weight off. Once Omaha patients are cleared for exercise, they should hit the gym or stream their favorite workout routine on the TV.

It’s important that patients don’t just target exercises that sculpt the area they had treated, but that they focus on working out their entire bodies. This is because if you focus on your abdomen, for example, you might find a little more weight gain appearing in your rear end.

Hope for the Best

We’re not going to lie. Sometimes Omaha patients want liposuction on an area that’s very hard or downright impossible to exercise – such as underneath their chin – or they just have genes that make keeping weight off difficult. And then, of course, there’s the “wonderful” aging process that slows down our metabolism and makes it even harder to keep pounds from accumulating.

Dr. Ayoub is honest with his Omaha Westfield Plastic Surgery Center liposuction patients that sometimes, there’ll be nothing they can do to fend off future weight gain because he wants his patients to have realistic results. While the procedure can provide long-lasting results for many, your new look isn’t guaranteed decades.

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