Can I Have Breast Augmentation Surgery Before Having Children?

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Every year, many Omaha women come to Dr. Ayoub with questions about having a breast augmentation before having children. Even though these women are of childbearing age, they have no immediate plans to add to their families, and instead are looking to enhance their physique through a breast augmentation. However, while they know that children are on their horizon, these breast augmentation patients want to know if a breast augmentation is safe for pregnancy, breastfeeding and if it will still look great after childbearing.

Breast Augmentations Are Perfectly Safe for Pregnancy

Whether you choose silicone or saline breast implants for your Omaha breast augmentation, you should know that getting a breast augmentation before a pregnancy is perfectly safe. Saline and silicone breast implants are safe, and there will be no risk to you or your unborn child because you’ve had a breast augmentation.

Certain Breast Augmentation Incisions May Affect Breastfeeding

There are four breast augmentation incision options for an Omaha breast augmentation patient. When it comes to preserving milk ducts for future breastfeeding, not all breast augmentation incisions are created equally.

  • The Inframammary incision is made in the breast fold, where the breast meets the rib cage, and tends to preserve milk ducts needed for breastfeeding.
  • The Transaxillary incision is made underneath the arm, and the implant is then placed behind the breast tissue via a channel that is created. This incision typically leaves milk ducts unharmed.
  • The TUBA incision is made through the belly button, and the implant is placed behind the breast tissue via a channel that is created up the abdomen. The TUBA incision preserves milk ducts for future breastfeeding.
  • The Periareolar incision is made along the bottom curve of the areola. This incision tends to cut through milk ducts and is not recommended for women of childbearing years who are planning to or may consider breastfeeding their children in the future.

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What Will My Breast Augmentation Look Like After Pregnancy?

Unfortunately, it’s difficult for Dr. Ayoub to predict what your augmented breasts will look like after pregnancy, or multiple pregnancies. As we all know, pregnancy causes a women’s breasts to increase in volume, as mother nature prepares them to provide milk for your newborn – whether or not you choose to breastfeed you child. This natural enlargement of the breasts can cause stretch marks.

For some postpartum women, as their breasts return to their normal, pre-pregnancy size, they lose additional breast tissue volume, or have breasts that sag. This may still happen to you even if you had a previous breast augmentation. However, there is good news. If you have a breast augmentation and your breasts become deflated or sag after you are done having children, you likely won’t need a secondary breast augmentation surgery. Instead, some postpartum Omaha women who have had prior breast augmentations end up requiring a breast lift, a procedure in which excess breast skin is removed, the breast is lifted up and the nipple is repositioned.

Talk to Dr. Ayoub About All Your Breast Augmentation Questions

If you’re considering having a breast augmentation and think you may have children in the future, talk to Dr. Ayoub about your questions and concerns. While researching information online can be helpful, only speaking with an experienced and skilled board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Ayoub can truly put your mind at ease.

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