4 Signs You May Be A Good Tummy Tuck Candidate


Model with Flat Tummy in Black Bra and PantiesFor women in the Omaha area, fitting into the perfect pair of jeans or being confident in a swimsuit is important – not because they are vain, but because of the psychological benefits and self-esteem boost that comes with it. Unfortunately, many women struggle with finding confidence in their body image, particularly in their tummy area. If this sounds like a problem that you struggle with, consider talking to Dr. Ayoub at Westfield Plastic Surgery Center about having an abdominoplasty to tighten up your midsection. While only Dr. Ayoub will be able to tell you how an abdominoplasty will be able to help your individual concerns, there are four signs we can share with you now that will help you know if you are a good tummy tuck candidate.

 1. You Are Finished Having Children

Dr. Ayoub recommends that his patients in Omaha be done having children and have a good birth control plan in place before having an abdominoplasty. It is important to note that there is nothing harmful or dangerous to mom or baby if pregnancy occurs after a tummy tuck, but if this does happen your surgical results will be negated, and you will need another surgery to get your sculpted tummy back.

 2. You Have Lost a Significant Amount of Weight

For men and women in the area who have worked hard to lose a significant amount of weight, dealing with the aftermath of leftover excess skin can be discouraging. After spending all that time at the gym and eating the right foods, looking in the mirror should bring loads of excitement and joy, but many weight loss patients struggle to see past the extra skin hanging from their bodies. By performing an abdominoplasty, Dr. Ayoub can get rid of that extra skin and let your toned abdomen finally show through.

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3. You Should Be at or Near Your Ideal Weight

Dr. Ayoub recommends that his abdominoplasty patients be at or near their ideal weight before undergoing the procedure. This is because a tummy tuck is not a weight loss procedure but instead is meant to provide Omaha men and women with a sleek, toned abdomen by removing excess skin from the problem area.

4. Diet and Exercise Aren’t Cutting It

We know all too well how frustrating it can be to eat all the right foods and hit the gym 6 days a week only to be left facing the same flabby abdomen you had when you started. Unfortunately, you can’t tell your body where to lose weight, and you can’t get rid of excess skin by working out and dieting. So if you have been doing all the right things and are leading a healthy lifestyle, but still have sagging or drooping skin on your belly, Dr. Ayoub can get rid of that by performing an abdominoplasty.

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