Is There an Increase in a Woman’s Libido after Getting Breast Implants?

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It’s no secret that an Omaha woman’s breasts are an important aspect of her sexuality. After all, breasts only appear on a woman, and men love them. We all know that looking at – and touching – breasts definitely affect a man’s libido, but what about women? If you were to get breast implants to make your breasts larger, boost your self-esteem, increase your confidence, and give you a sexier appearance, would it increase your libido, too?

Breast Implants Boost Confidence

While the science is still unclear about the connection between breast implants and libido – one thing is for sure – many of Dr. Ayoub’s Omaha breast implants patients report that they feel more confident and sexier after having breast augmentation. Since a woman’s confidence and self-image play a big part in her ability to become aroused and enjoy sexual activities, many women who get breast implants do experience a boost in libido – not because the surgery causes hormonal changes, but because they feel more confident in their skin.

Imagine this – say you were an Omaha woman who always had a flat chest, and felt embarrassed by your physique. Having larger breasts that make you feel more confident enables you to be more relaxed, as well as more excited when participating in intimate situations. Your confidence with how you look would increase both you and your partner’s enjoyment.

There is a tremendous boost to a woman’s self-esteem when she walks into a room looking fabulous in flirtatious clothing. That gorgeous dress that hugs all your curves is a fun way to draw attention to your breasts, and drive your man wild! Women who get breast implants, and finally feel confident with their chest size, are more likely to wear tight-fitting, low-cut clothing which will help get both you and your man “in the mood.”

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Is There a “Right” Size or Shape to Make Me Feel Sexy?

The only person who can tell you what size and shape of breast implants are right for you is you. Dr. Ayoub of Westfield Plastic Surgery has years of experience helping Omaha women select breast implant shapes, sizes and profiles, and he’ll listen to your desires and help guide you to the right type of breast implants for you. He’ll even use his specialized Vectra 3D breast imaging technology to give you a 3D look at what your selected breast implants will likely look like on your body.

Ultimately though, you’re the only one who knows just how big you want to go, how round you want your breasts to be, and how much cleavage you desire. So, be honest when speaking with Dr. Ayoub. Don’t be embarrassed to tell him that you want to turn heads, if that’s your desire. You’ll only get the look you want if you’re completely honest during your consultation.

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If you’re ready to get that sexier body that you’ve always wanted, and finally feel comfortable in – or out – of your clothing, then what better time than now to get serious about getting breast implants? Call Dr. Ayoub’s Omaha offices today to schedule a consultation at (402) 829-6384.

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