3 Ways a Breast Augmentation Can Balance a Woman’s Figure

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Are you an Omaha woman who has never been happy with your silhouette? Or, have you recently undergone some changes to your body, perhaps due pregnancy or aging, and despite your diet and exercise routine, you feel off-balanced? If so, you should know that your concerns aren’t uncommon. Every year, hundreds of Omaha women just like you see Dr. Ayoub for plastic surgery, and especially breast augmentation consultations because they are unhappy with the way their breasts do not complement their figure. These women are looking for a way to balance their figures, and often a breast augmentation is the perfect procedure to do just that. Read on to learn about 3 different ways that a breast augmentation can help women balance out their figures, then learn some of the tips for choosing breast implants that are perfect for your body and your unique case.

1. Balance Out Asymmetrical Breasts

Dr. Ayoub of Westfield Plastic Surgery will tell you that all women have asymmetrical breasts – at least to some degree. Just like one of your feet may fit more comfortably in your favorite pair of shoes, Omaha women’s breasts are never identically evenly sized and shaped. While this breast asymmetry is unnoticeable for most, some women have noticeably asymmetrical breasts. Not only can noticeably asymmetrical breasts be an embarrassing condition, but it can also make it difficult for you to find a bra or bathing suit that fits properly.  With a breast augmentation, different sized and profiled implants can be used in each breast, allowing Dr. Ayoub to use his artistic skill to bring your breasts as close to symmetrical as possible.

2. Get The Hour Glass Shape You’ve Always Wanted

Despite a woman’s best efforts at dieting and exercising to keep her tummy flat and her hips and bottom muscular and lean, there’s no type of exercise that can help you transform your breasts into the shape and size you want. And, even if you are fit, you may naturally have a pear-shaped body that leaves you feeling too small on the top, and too big on the bottom. Dr. Ayoub can use a breast augmentation to accentuate your body’s natural dimensions, providing you with an hourglass shape that will help you fit into dresses better, look great in a bathing suit, and give you the confidence in your body that you’ve always wanted.

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3. Finally Have Breasts that Best Complement Your Unique Shape and Size

Many Omaha women come to Dr. Ayoub because they feel that their breast size just isn’t appropriate for their overall body. For example, A cup breasts will look one way on a slim, 5’2 woman who weighs 100lbs, but those same breasts may look out of place on a muscular, athletic woman who is 5’10. A breast augmentation can give you the breasts that you feel belong on your body, and complement your overall look.

How Do I Choose the Right Breast Implants for me?

When you work with Dr. Ayoub of Westfield Plastic Surgery, he will listen to your concerns and desires and help carefully guide you to the size, shape and profile of breasts that will best meet your goals. While some women come to their free consultation convinced that they want to be a particular cup size, Dr. Ayoub actually prefers when his patients bring in photographs or magazine clippings that show what you want your overall silhouette to look like. From there, he can help you carefully select the breast implants that will give you your ideal look.

I’d Like to Schedule a Breast Augmentation Consultation

If you’d like to take the next step in getting the figure you’ve always wanted, we recommend you schedule a free breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Ayoub at his office in Omaha. To schedule your appointment today, call (402) 829-6384.

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