Can Liposuction Help Me Lose Weight?

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A common misconception people in Omaha have is thinking liposuction is a miracle weight loss procedure. The reality is, liposuction is not necessarily designed to help patients lose weight, but instead, it is designed to improve the shape of the body by getting rid of stubborn areas of fat. This isn’t a reason to get disappointed, however. It is possible to lose a few pounds of fat with liposuction, as well as having perceived weight loss due to the tightening of the body. Here are some great pieces of information about the relationship between liposuction and weight loss.

Improve Body Shape

Liposuction improves the body shape by eliminating unnecessary fat from specific areas on the body. Whether it’s on the arms, abdomen, thighs, back or anywhere else, a person’s body shape can be improved with liposuction. Many times, these areas can be challenging to sculpt with regular diet and exercise alone, but liposuction can easily contour the body to the patient’s ideal shape. When patients in Omaha work with Dr. Ayoub, they can tell him exactly what their ideal body shape is, and he will go to work to accomplish it.

Perceived Weight Loss

While people in Omaha won’t necessarily lose weight according to the scale, there is a certain amount of perceived weight loss associated with liposuction. Patients will experience the curves they desire and be able to fit into their clothes better, which can create the perception and feeling of having lost weight. Merely toning or shaping up areas with stubborn fat can make people feel like they’ve lost weight, even though the scale doesn’t indicate it. Most of the time, patients won’t stress out about losing weight if they are happy with their appearance. For this reason, perceived weight loss can be viewed as being equally effective to losing weight.

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Liposuction Can Motivate Patients to Lose Weight

While liposuction doesn’t directly correlate to weight loss, the new look and feel that patients in Omaha experience can provide a motivating factor to keep the weight off. Having a firm, healthy and youthful-looking body gives people the energy to exercise more and the discipline to eat healthier. Take advantage of the newfound energy and use it to make better lifestyle choices. So, while the liposuction procedure itself does not help patients shed a significant amount of pounds, it does create a foundation for a healthier lifestyle that could lead to weight loss.

Westfield Plastic Surgery Center offers many different procedures designed to help patients look and feel their best. We are always honest, and upfront with each of our patients, and Dr. Ayoub never rushes anyone during their initial consultation or beyond. We understand every patient has different needs, and we are willing to listen and offer suggestions tailored to your specific goals. Our objective is to give you the body you’ve always dreamed of having, and our innovative technology, techniques, and expertise will turn your dreams into reality.

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