How Long Will It Take Breast Implants to Soften?


Female Breasts in Mauve Bra Close UpIf you’re an Omaha woman considering getting breast implants, you’re likely hoping to see your results immediately. Unfortunately, as with all plastic surgeries, it takes time to see your final results from a breast augmentation. When you first wake up from your breast implants surgery, your new breasts will likely be high up on your chest and feel hard to the touch. Don’t be alarmed; this is completely normal, and your newly augmented breasts will eventually settle and soften, typically within 6 months. Read on as Dr. Ayoub explains the breast implants settling process, as well as signs of possible complications to be aware of.

Your Initial Breast Implants Results Are Not Your Final Results

It’s important for Omaha women who get breast implants to know that the initial results they see from their breast implants – which will likely be high set and hard – will not be their final results. At first, your breasts will be hard from the swelling that is associated with getting your breast implants surgically placed. Even after your swelling subsides, your breasts may feel hard to the touch because the breast pocket – the “envelope” in which your breast implants are placed – has not yet stretched to accommodate the breast implants. Over time as the breast pocket stretches, your breasts implants will eventually soften, typically by 6 months after your surgery. Keep in mind, though, that every woman is different. If you have a friend who has had breast implants, she may have had her breasts soften faster than yours. This again is normal. It’s also perfectly normal for one breast to soften faster than another.

In addition to breast implants initially feeling hard, Omaha women who have a breast augmentation will also notice that their early results sit higher up on their chest than do natural breasts. This, again, has to do with your breast settling into the breast pocket. As the breast pocket expands, your breast implants will gently settle into their more natural-looking position. It is possible that as your breasts settle, they will do so asymmetrically. There is no need to worry about this, as typically your breasts will eventually settle into an even position.

To help the breast implants settling process move along, you can practice daily breast massages, as soon as Dr. Ayoub clears you to do so. To massage your breast implants, gently push them inwards, outwards, up and down several times a day. Performing regular breast massages not only helps to expand the breast pocket in which the breast implants reside, but it can also help prevent against a breast augmentation complication called capsular contracture.

Signs of Breast Augmentation Complications

Sometimes, Omaha women will experience a breast implants complication called capsular contracture. With this condition, breast implants feel hard to the touch, are high set and often misshapen, even after the normal 6-month healing period. This is the result of scar tissue forming around the breast implants, and must be surgically corrected. If you’ve had breast implants placed more than 6 months ago and believe you may be showing the signs of capsular contracture, see Dr. Ayoub at Westfield Plastic Surgery immediately.

Learning More About Breast Implants

When it comes to getting a breast augmentation, there is so much information for an Omaha woman to absorb. While researching online is a good way to start educating yourself, the best way to get all your questions answered is by having a one-on-one, personal conversation with Dr. Ayoub himself.

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