What Are My Breast Implant Placement Options?

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The placement of breast implants is a big decision that women in Omaha need to consider, in addition to the size, shape and other factors. Most of the time a plastic surgeon will ask patients what appearance they desire and then decide the placement option for the breast implants accordingly. However, it’s also important for patients to know the different options so they understand exactly what results they can expect. The two placement options for breast implants include over the muscle placement and under the muscle placement. Here are some of the important details of each for Omaha women to understand.

Over the Muscle Placement

Over the muscle placement for breast implants is also commonly referred to as subglandular placement. This placement type involves inserting the implants between the chest muscle and the breast tissue. This option generally enhances the natural breast shape. Silicone implants are the standard choice for over the muscle placement, but Dr. Ayoub can work with saline implants as well. Another advantage of this placement option is the ability to create more cleavage if the patient desires. The breast implants can be placed closer together with this option, which will enhance the cleavage as a result.

Under the Muscle Placement

Under the muscle placement for breast implants is also referred to as submuscular placement. With this option, the implants are placed under the pectoralis major muscle. The result is the breast implants are covered by muscle, as well as the breast tissue over it. This placement option is commonly chosen by women who have a thinner body build since it provides some additional padding when the implant settles in. The under the muscle placement also has a more natural-looking appearance, but every patient’s body type is different.

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Which Placement Option Is Most Effective?

Even after all the research, it’s natural for women in Omaha to ask the question of which placement option is best for their breast implants. When patients work with Dr. Ayoub, he will give his unbiased opinion based on years of experience, including providing a list of pros and cons for each and what feedback his previous patients have given. What the primary focus patients in Omaha should keep in mind is what appearance they would like to achieve, and Dr. Ayoub can make his recommendation based on those desires. The most effective placement option for breast implants is the one the patient is pleased with and is the safest for their particular body type.

Westfield Plastic Surgery Center offers both of these placement options for breast implants, and Dr. Ayoub is always available to answer any questions about either one. Our team understands that patients in Omaha have a lot of questions, and our goal is to provide the answers needed for them to feel comfortable and confident about their decision. We will never pressure you to make a decision. We simply want to provide you with facts and experienced opinions on the subjects we have the most expertise in.

Never hesitate to contact us by calling (402) 829-6384 to schedule a consultation to have all your questions about breast implants answered.

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