How Many Treatments Of CoolSculpting Are Needed To Get The Results I Want?

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There are many patients who live a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise, but they still have trouble losing fat in certain areas of their body. Because no one can dictate exactly where their body should lose weight, achieving the ideal body shape is difficult for many men and women. But if you’re on the cusp of having the look you want, CoolSculpting may be just what you need. CoolSculpting is a non-surgical solution to help people in Omaha get rid of those last pockets of fat forever! When considering this fat-reduction option, many of Dr. Ayoub’s patients want to know how many treatment sessions they will need to get the results they want. Keep reading to find out more about the CoolSculpting process and how many treatments you may need to get your ideal results.

CoolSculpting 101

CoolSculpting is the only FDA-cleared, non-surgical fat-reduction treatment on the market today. It uses a process of controlled cooling to target and eliminate stubborn fat deposits. This is a gentle and effective way to specifically target fat cells underneath the skin, without harming the skin itself. Because CoolSculpting uses such low temperatures, each session is able to permanently kill targeted fat cells. After each treatment, the body turns the dead fat cells into waste, and they are eliminated naturally through the body. Before long, you will have a sleek and toned appearance!

CoolSculpting is considered a long-term treatment option for men and women in Omaha who desire to lose those last few inches. This is because CoolSculpting specifically targets fat cells in problem areas of the body and those targeted fat cells are permanently destroyed. However, it is important that patients understand that CoolSculpting does not prevent remaining fat cells from growing. Because Dr. Ayoub wants his patients to enjoy their results for years to come, he recommends you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen after your CoolSculpting treatments have ended. This will help prevent the growth of your remaining fat cells.

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How Many Treatments Will I Need?

How many CoolSculpting treatments each person will need will be unique to each individual patient. It will also depend on what part of the body you have treatment on and how severe your needs are. Each treatment can eliminate between 20-25% of the targeted fat cells. For some Omaha residents who only have a small amount of fat to remove, it is possible that only 1-2 treatments will be needed to achieve their desired results. However, other patients may need 3-4 treatments before they are able to see the results they want. Dr. Ayoub will be able to tell you how many treatments he thinks you will need based on your specific circumstances during your complimentary consultation with him.

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