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Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to enhance the natural look of a woman’s breasts with either saline or silicone implants after her breasts have completely matured. A breast lift is usually combined with a breast augmentation to correct sagging and achieve the best possible results for patients, typically after pregnancy. The results of breast augmentations are often very gratifying for Dr. Ayoub’s patients and often restore a woman’s self-esteem and image.*

What Can Breast Augmentation Correct?

There are several reasons that Omaha women choose breast augmentation surgery. Many women choose breast augmentation to restore the volume of their breasts or enhance the size of smaller breasts. Common reasons for patients to come in for a breast augmentation include:

  • Size changes after pregnancy.

While pregnancy and motherhood are often one of the most rewarding experiences of a woman’s life, pregnancy and breastfeeding can impact the size of a woman’s breasts, often creating the desire in Omaha women to regain their pre-baby look.

  • Substantial loss in breast volume after pregnancy.

For some Omaha women, a significant amount of breast tissue volume is lost after pregnancy, breastfeeding and losing baby weight. Many of these women turn to Dr. Ayoub to restore the natural volume of their breasts.

  • Hereditary problems that limit breast development (tuberous breasts).

Tuberous breasts can prevent breast development from properly forming, but a breast augmentation surgery can help correct the problem and provide women with natural looking breasts.*

  • Asymmetrical breasts.

All women have asymmetrical breasts, but for some Omaha women, the differences between the sizes of their breasts are so noticeable that it makes it hard for them to find a bra or bathing suit that fits properly. Breast augmentation can help even out breast volume and provide these women with a more balanced look.

  • A desire to increase the size and volume of naturally small breasts.

Some women have never been satisfied with the size of their breasts. Whether these women feel their breasts are too small or just don’t compliment their physique and silhouette, a breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that can help these women achieve the look they’ve always desired.

Westfield Plastic Surgery Center in Omaha can correct these problems by guiding patients to implants that will balance with their bodies and the anatomy of their chest.*

What Will Happen During My Consultation?

Dr. Ayoub values spending the time to educate patients in Omaha about their options for implants and what will work best for their bodies. Dr. Ayoub will provide you with the information you need to find the correct size, profile, shape, and type of implant during a consultation by:

  • Examining your breasts and thoughtfully listening to your concerns.
  • Measuring the length and width of your chest to determine a proportional size.
  • Taking high-definition photos to create a 3D simulation using Vectra 3D breast imaging.
  • Reviewing various implant sizes and shapes using 3D simulation to find the ideal breast size and shape for your body type.
  • Trying on different sizes using a specialized sports bra for a better understanding of how your breasts would look after surgery.
  • Discussing expectations and how surgical results may differ from the computer program.


During your consultation, Dr. Ayoub will develop his approach to your breast augmentation surgery by discussing not only the type and size of implants that suit your body but the best incision for the procedure. Although both saline and silicone are safe and FDA-approved, Dr. Ayoub prefers silicone implants for most patients because they most closely resemble your natural breast tissue and are harder to detect.

Choosing a Breast Implant Profile

While many women in Omaha who visit Dr. Ayoub know they need to choose how big they would like their new breasts to be, they don’t often realize that they need to choose a breast implant profile, as well. The breast implant profile refers to the diameter of the implant. There are three breast implant profile types – low, medium, and high. A low profile implant has the highest implant diameter and sticks out the least. A high implant profile has the smallest diameter and sticks out the most. And a medium implant profile lies somewhere in the middle.

Selecting a Breast Implant Shape

Breast implants come in two different shapes – round and teardrop. Most women desire a natural looking result and choose teardrop shaped implants. However, Omaha women wanting fuller breasts and more cleavage may select the round implants, which tend to provide these more dramatic results.

Our Approach To Breast Augmentation

Dr. Ayoub has performed breast augmentation as a board-certified plastic surgeon for nearly 15 years. His approach is based on educating and spending time with Omaha patients to arrive at the best possible outcome, using TouchMD as a resource for patients to access information about their procedure and to review information from their consultation.

Types of Incisions

Breast augmentation patients are frequently concerned about scarring from their procedure, which is understandable. Just because you are getting breast implants, doesn’t mean you want the whole world to know you’ve had a breast augmentation. Dr. Ayoub carefully evaluates your breast anatomy to select an incision to minimize the potential for scarring and conceal any visible scar in the natural fold of your breasts. The four types of incisions that Dr. Ayoub specializes in are:

  • Inframammary fold: under the breast, which keeps the incision scar hidden by your bra or bikini line.
  • Periareolar: around the nipple, in which the natural coloration change of your breast and areola disguise the scar. While this is a popular breast augmentation incision, it is not recommended for women who may want to breastfeed in the future as it can cut through milk ducts.
  • Trans-axillary: under the armpit, with the incision disguised underneath your arm.
  • Trans-umbilical breast augmentation: through the navel, with a small incision made in the belly button.

After performing the incision, Dr. Ayoub will then place the implants under the pectoralis muscle or directly under the breast tissue, depending on the patient’s anatomy and desired result.

What Will Happen During My Breast Augmentation?

Your breast augmentation surgery will be scheduled at a certified outpatient surgery center. Before your surgery, a trained anesthesiologist will administer general anesthesia, and Dr. Ayoub will begin the operation after the anesthesia has taken full effect. During your procedure Dr. Ayoub will:

  • Make an incision to access your breast tissue.
  • Create a pocket for your implant.
  • Place the implant either under the muscle or directly under the breast tissue.
  • Close the incision to reduce scarring.

When you wake up, you will be in the recovery room and will require some time to rest before you can return home. Most patients can go home on the same day and will begin to notice a reduction in pain and discomfort 48 hours after surgery.*

Call Us to Discuss Your Breast Augmentation Options.

If you’re ready to say “Yes” to a new physique and silhouette, then there’s no need to delay.

To schedule a breast augmentation consultation, and have all your questions personally answered by Dr. Ayoub himself, call Westfield Plastic Surgery’s Omaha office at (402) 829-6384.

*Individual results may vary

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