ZO® Skin Health Inc - by Zein Obagi, MD

New product for 2014!

ZO® by Zein Obagi offers a wide variety of skin care products designed to create and maintain a healthy complexion through therapeutic and preventative measures. This revolutionary system targets a wide range of skin conditions for all skin types, genders, and ages using the latest research and technology. The unique delivery systems and formulas used in ZO® Skin Health products help to extend the effects of therapeutic treatment and protect your skin from environmental factors. From a daily skin care regimen to targeted products designed for every skin condition, ZO® has everything you need to create and maintain a long-lasting, healthy, beautiful complexion.



Make your eyelashes longer, fuller, and darker.

Latisse® solution is a prescription treatment for hyporichosis (inadequate or not enough eyelashes) used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker, and darker. Latisse® solution works gradually. While you may start seeing longer lashes after 4-weeks, to reach maximum length, fullness, and darkness, you should use Latisse® every day for 16-weeks.


bioCorneum®+ is a quick drying, patented silicone gel that creates an invisible silicone sheet over the scar and is FDA cleared. The invisible protective barrier is breathable, flexible, waterproof, and the only silicone scar gel that provides protection from the sun.

bioCorneum®+ binds with the stratum corneum (the outer layer of skin cells) to protect the underlying tissue against chemical, microbial and physical invasion of the scar.

bioCorneum®+ hydrates the scarred area and creates an environment which allows the scar to mature through normal collagen synthesis cycles and improves the physiological and cosmetic appearance of the scar.

Sun may hamper proper healing of scars and the SPF 30 UV protection ingredients in bioCorneum®+ may protect the maturing scar from the darkening effects of sun exposure, a feature unique to bioCorneum®+ as it is the only patented silicone scar treatment of this kind.

Doctors’ scar management plan incorporates the patented silicone formulation in bioCorneum®+ because it has been shown to help prevent abnormal scarring after procedures as well as help to flatten, soften, and smooth scars, reduce discoloration, as well as relieve associated itch, pain and discomfort of scars.

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