I can not explain fully how this man, this Doctor changed my life! Due to multiple surgeries beginning at the tender age of 7 weeks old. My scars not only left me with poor circulation, but also a large mass on my left side. After I was fully dried of from my shower, preparation for wearing jeans and yoga pants began. First I would bandage my longest scar on my right side. That scar alone was reopened twice. Thus low blood circulation and little to no feeling. I would then wrap around an ace bandage to compress the mass. Even wearing baggy clothes the bandage and wrap would begin to rub, hurt and cause stomach aches. Even wearing yoga pants and running errands or going to the grocery store if not prepared correctly, lead to rubbing and eventually bleeding around and on the scar. Wearing jeans was a nightmare. Wearing fitted clothing, yea no. Swimsuits what are those?! Fitted Maxi Dresses or skirts, forget about it. I finally got the courage to do something about it. A year before I began to visit several Plastic Surgeons. I was told by each Doctor that the consultation was free. But, if I wanted to submit a claim to my insurance company, there would be a fee. My family doctor recommended Dr. Ayoub. I felt at ease with the nurses, that’s always a plus. And then I met him. He talked to me like a person, not just a paycheck. He did explain in detail that the consultation was free. Submitting through insurance would require a fee due to the paper work that would be drawn up, submitted and talk to insurance agent if they had further questions. Told me the total cost and he would not perform the surgery until I quit smoking for at least 6 months. I knew walking out of his office that he was going to be my surgeon! I had so much confidence in him that I quit smoking after 30 years. And the end of March 2018 I will be 1 year smoke free!! Dr. Ayoub explained the plan and because how all of the scars were at the cut would most likely be more a huge curve on my right side. That was not a deal breaker for me. I just wanted the mass to be removed. During my first shower post-op I saw that he was an artistic genius! The mass was totally gone and as an added bonus, the cut was perfectly straight. I bawled like a baby. Post-op appointment, I bawled again. Constantly thanking him for changing my life after 44 year’s! Dr. Ayoub never gloated or acted any different, even after making a perfect cut! Not only did I tell my friends about him. I showed them the before pictures on my phone. Needless to say they were shocked. Then I lifted my shirt and showed them my stomach! There wasn’t a dry eye amongst us. I can’t wait until my pictures are on his website!! And yes, I will be going back to him for further procedures. I feel like he saved my life because he gave me the drive to stop smoking.

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Dr. Ayoub is a board-certified plastic surgeon offering a wide variety of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures designed to help you become the best version of yourself. For more than 20 years, Dr. Ayoub and his team at Westfield Plastic Surgery Center have been an active part of the Omaha, NE community. Together they inspire a warm, welcoming environment for every patient.

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