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In case you didn’t already know, having liposuction performed on a problem area on your body doesn’t guarantee that the fatty deposit will never come back. Granted, the cosmetic procedure sucks out a limited number of fat cells forever. However, adjacent fat cells will remain in your body, and if your weight fluctuates in the future, those remaining fat cells can grow with future weight gain or shrink with future weight loss.

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Some Omaha men and women visit Dr. Ayoub of Westfield Plastic Surgery because they have stubborn fatty deposits on their body that just won’t respond to diet or exercise – or exist in an area that may not be able to be exercised. Party of your body that may have these unwanted pockets of fat include your abdomen, flanks, inner thighs, outer thighs, arms, and the area under your chin.

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A common misconception people in Omaha have is thinking liposuction is a miracle weight loss procedure. The reality is, liposuction is not necessarily designed to help patients lose weight, but instead, it is designed to improve the shape of the body by getting rid of stubborn areas of fat. This isn’t a reason to get disappointed, however. It is possible…

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Undergoing liposuction is an incredibly effective way to remove unwanted fat safely. When people in Omaha visit Dr. Ayoub, they always leave feeling much better about the appearance of their body. As with any surgical procedure, though, there is a recovery phase every patient goes through, and liposuction is no exception. But the good news is the process can be…

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Since liposuction has been around for many years, the procedure has been performed on virtually every area of the human body. However, patients in Omaha generally have a few specific places they want to target to get rid of their unwanted fat. The great thing about liposuction is it’s easy to target these areas and give patients the results they…

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Patients who get liposuction in Omaha are usually extremely pleased with the results. One of the questions many patients have is how to maintain their results without the stubborn areas of fat returning. The good news is that living a healthier lifestyle is generally the central piece of advice Dr. Ayoub gives his patients. Small daily habit changes go a…

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Liposuction is a popular plastic surgery procedure in Omaha and throughout the US. But before you sign up to go under the knife, Dr. Ayoub of Westfield Plastic Surgery Center wants to make sure you are informed about the procedure. Here are four facts you should know before getting liposuction. 1. Liposuction is Not a Weight Loss Procedure Some Omaha…

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Liposuction can quickly sculpt the body by eliminating stubborn fat deposits. While Omaha patients achieve a smoother contour and drop a few sizes, there is a chance that a patient’s skin will not contract after fat is removed. Every patient’s body is different, and it will take time to find out if yours returns to normal after liposuction. Skin Laxity and…

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The point of liposuction is not to lose weight, but to change the shape of your body. For example, if you decide that you have some additional fat on your stomach, then liposuction could effectively reduce the size of your waist without making much of a difference in your weight. Other areas that Omaha patients commonly want to sculpt are: Thighs…

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Liposuction is one of the plastic surgery procedures that provides Omaha patients with immediate results. Results are evident immediately after surgery and continuously improve as you heal. Once the swelling goes down in the first week after surgery, you will notice more dramatic improvement until your final results at about three or four months after surgery. Why Does It Take Three…

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